The ArchLovers
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Original work by Howard
Traslation by BinaryCube

That was a lovely night at Paris, and Dr. Howard, completely sane and in its right mind, was watching the starry sky that served as background for the beautiful Eiffel Tower at the distance, while slowly stirring a cup of fine red wine.

—I could say, Dr. Castelo, this night is delightful… But without a doubt you're even more alluring than all those stars in the dark sky— said while looking at the distinguished lady that was its date.

—Oh, Dr. Howard! You are such a playboy as always. But make ourselves a favor and call me by my first name —the smile of Castelo, more beauteous and shimmering even brighter than the City of Light, illuminated the eyes of the doctor with passion and admiration for such an ineffable woman.

—Dorothea, my ever so precious one, I must squint my eyes every time I look at you. You shine upon me more than the sun at summer — speaked the archalchemist sincerely from the deepest and most vulnerable place in its heart.

—Come on, doctor. You are just exaggerating — tell it Castelo while blushing a bit. No so much after, the orchestra started playing and with the music, the couples stood up at unison to walk toward the dance floor. — It seems the ball is about finally begin. Would you like to dance with me?

—Nothing would make happier than that —the doctor rapidly answer looking at the eyes of Castelo.

Howard usually had an androginous appearence, however, that night it took a more manly appearence: tall, medium complexion, toned muscles and an angular face with a defined and strong chin. One of its eyes was glimmering with a warm golden color, while the other was a matte green.

Dorothea took the hand of Howard and led it to the dance floor. There, their superhuman bodies outshine the other dancers. Everyone was watching them moving as gracefully as if flying in the center of the room full of awe and marvel, as if a couple of ethereal creatures blessed them with only their very presence and the dream-like show the two doctors were giving to the attendants of the ball.

Then, Dr. Howard woke up, while a faint clink sound resonate at the side of its head: a dragon class military knife, made of reinforced tungsten. Inside its chest was stucked an identical weapon and, besides some deep and gory claw wounds made by an Stymphalian bird, the whip injury in its back was beginning to heal.

Sorely in pain, it got up, searching for any more wounds on its body, but it regenerated so quickly than as soon a wound was found, it closed, leaving soft and intact skin. It never ocurred to it that Dr. Castelo would stab it in the temple, but it wasn't a surprise netheir.

Howard just make its way towards its office, thinking about a better way to ask for a date to Castelo, and, before walking too far, it looked behind and saw its own blood, glowing in a neon red, spilled in the floor and thought with a spark of insanity in its eyes:

“Maybe I should look for that doppelgänger just to annoy her by making her clean my blood.”

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